#project366 Week 30

Bit of a cheat today as I didn’t take this. Emily (6yo) asked to borrow my phone to take a picture “of the light” and gave it back to me exactly as it is here; I haven’t edited it in any way.

Playing with selfies!


So yesterday Daniel said “I think it’ll be very heavy rain today”. I scoffed because the sky looked like THIS (pic 1). Turns out he is much more realistic (pessimistic!) than me, not to mention ahead of the game. Because today looks like picture 2. And it’s the school summer fair. Thinking about it, I blame them.

Biggest cupcake in the world at the school summer fayre! And although the rain didn’t hold off it was so light, and the air so hot and sticky, it was actually very welcome!

Proud to be stood with our kids alongside their fabulous teaching assistants, protesting Durham County Council’s unethical treatment of Teaching Assistants. Sacking all of them and rehiring on worse terms (eg 23% pay cut). It’s just wrong.

Magic tricks

For Daniel’s 9th birthday we took him to Blue Reef Aquarium at Tynemouth. He had a fabulous day altogether, but was completely entranced by the seals.

Barbecue in the rain. How very English.

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