#project366 Week 28

Daniel spent his day off (actually for a cold not the teachers’ strike) making a paper city. It’s ENORMOUS.

Tree in Chester-le-Street. I liked how the overexposure gave it a misty feeling, then added a filter in Snapseed.

Sainsburys today. Used to annoy me how back to school signs were around before the end of the summer holidays – now there’s 2 weeks before the summer holidays even start! Talk about wishing your life away…

A detail on our house that I never noticed before, the brick (foundry? Is that right?) where our house bricks came from and the date – 1895. I love that about old houses, and I love that we own this house now and there’s so many little details like this we could come across.

Well, no doubt about today’s photo – I got this, my final module for my degree. Absolutely over the moon! :’-D

So, tricky one today. I got First class honours! But I don’t have a certificate to photograph. Our 8 year old was the wizard in the Wizard of Oz! But we can’t put that on social media because other people’s kids are in the photo. So here’s this one, pinching a biscuit before going out to the show. Spectating is hard work after all.

This is shaping up to be quite a week! Being a part of history: seeing Jeremy Corbyn at the Durham Miners’ Gala 2016

Spot the children! Until we get the lawn cut we have a pretty-ish kind of little wilderness

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