April 1st!

This year is really flying over. It doesn’t seem two minutes since I did a blog post saying March would be here soon.

Or maybe it’s because my blog posts have fallen by the wayside. The tiredness I’ve been struggling with for a few months has been identified as an iron deficiency and between that and trying to get on top of stuff at home the blog has taken a back seat.

But I’ve missed it! So I’m leaping into April to take up last year’s A-Z blog challenge, in which I’ll attempt to post something every day of April (except Sundays…er, after today) which is tenuously related to a letter of the alphabet.

And in honour of April and the unseasonably warm weather we’ve had for the last week, here’s a picture of Daniel and Emily enjoying the sunshine!


And here is the list of blogs participating in the A-Z Challenge:

6 thoughts on “April”

  1. What are the chances of me reading a blog out of 1737 written by someone from the same part of the world as me? Wow.

    It has been really really warm the past few weeks, but I have heard it will be snowing by Easter Weekend…eek.

    Good luck with the rest of the challenge.

  2. Hello! Stopping by for the A to Z Challenge. Glad to see that you’ve been having some nice weather this week. We had some unusually warm weather for awhile and then it got down to the 40’s again. I’m hoping to see some warmer days again soon. Not to warm, but nice.


  3. Hello.
    I’m visiting from the A-Z Challenge (I’m #1686).

    Like you, we are having fairly good weather. Not sure how long it will last though…this time last year we had snow!
    Nice photo to start the challenge. Good luck!

    Day 1: The Attraction

  4. This is surely the way to kick start your blog after a long break! Really cute kiddles!


    Checking in from A to Z. (#1712)

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