“You Look Beautiful”

In case you’re reading this from a cave in Outer Mongolia, you may not have heard that today is Royal Wedding day. There are a million different things I could witter on about here. We had a lovely time watching it, with friends’ as our kids played at princes and princesses then started beating each other up. The crowds were impressive, the Queen and Prince Philip doing well at 85 and 90 respectively, and Princess Catherine’s dress was stunning beautiful and exactly the kind of style I’d have liked myself.

But I think the most touching moment for me was when she first joined Prince William at the altar. You could clearly see he said “beautiful”. Now, he could have been talking about the flowers, the Abbey, or even his Granny’s hat, but it’s more likely he was talking about his wife-to-be. This article agrees with me.

That, for me, was the fairytale moment; the dream moment. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many guests are at your wedding or what they think of you (and she has guests more than most brides to worry about) nearly as much as your husband’s reaction. That moment wasn’t scripted or rehearsed or said for the benefit of the cameras, and it wasn’t thinking about repressing tender feelings because of royal etiquette  – it was a spontaneous reaction to seeing the woman he loved.

It’s what I wanted to hear from my husband on our wedding day (and I did, in case you’re wondering); it’s what I imagine every woman throughout history wants to hear from the one they love and I’m so pleased Kate Middleton as-was heard it from her bridegroom.

“You look beautiful.”