Ode to Twitter

From www.iconspedia.comA bit of silliness for a Sunday morning!

I wandered lonely through the crowd

And lurked behind the twitt’ring birds;

Their clever tweets and nimble words.

But, to my shame, I ne’er allowed

Myself to join that bustling horde.

But fled to Facebook, where dwelt my friends

Away from hashtags, RTs, Trends.

And sang out loud, with joyous chords,

Of photos and of frivolous apps.

Till one day somehow I returned

To Twitter, where I slowly learned

To leave behind those real-time chats.

For far more lies in such small measures

Than at first appears to untrained eyes.

From links posted by those more wise

To marv’llous tips and witty treasures.

I find new blogs I must peruse,

And #followfridays, that weekly curse!

Choosing who to commend to the Twitterverse.

And catching up on daily news.

But the highlights of my time spent tweeting

Are cosy chats with new Twit friends,

The comfort, support, when I’m round the bend,

The jokes shared at each virtual meeting.

Alas! Poor Facebook lags behind

Its Farmville follies and ‘Friend of the Day’

Are all too sadly leagues away.

And time spent there grows less, I find.

Though one day I may once again roam

Now I’ll nest in my Twitter home.