Bouncing into March

Well, that was February. Time for an update on my Happiness Project? This shouldn’t take long…

February’s resolution was to pay more attention to my marriage. To spend some time, just even in small bursts, nurturing it and being extra nice to my husband (anyone with filthy minds, STOP sniggering now. Thank you). This never really materialised, and I’m pretty sad and regretful about that. There’s two reasons; first, it would have been easy to show extra affection by buying little gifts and tokens but to be quite honest, we’re not in a position to be doing that. Secondly, February was a really, really down month for me. Between feeling unusually tired, full of cold, concerned about my grandpa who has been close to death two or three times and keeping on top of two boisterous, bouncing children, I’m afraid my resolutions slid way off my to-do list. Actually, I think I can see my to-do list on the floor there, being jumped upon underneath a pile of toys and good intentions.

But I’m not going to give up, and I AM going to make ‘Giving proofs of love’ a more long-term priority, which I guess is the whole point of this project anyway. At least I know that our marriage is as deep and loving as it could possibly be, and I think Andrew knows how muchI love him.

So, into March. March is all about the babies – making the children my priority for this month. Before you start worrying, there’s no real way of being a stay-at-home mum of a 4 year old and a toddler without making them a priority (all those jokes about locking them in the cupboard were just jokes. Honest *goes to unlock cupboard quickly*) but I know I tend to run out of patience. A particular touchy time is the morning – did I ever mention I just don’t DO mornings? And getting two children ready and out of the house on time is like lighting a fuse.

This month I will use every drop of patience I possess, and then some; wish me luck! Here’s the list of ideas and resolutions for March:

  • Patience, patience, patience
  • Explore, experiment. They’re both very inquisitive, it’ll be good to encourage that. Preferably without blowing the house up.
  • Make the most of holidays and weekends
  • Cook with them. I’m not a natural cook so I don’t really do it with the children either but I should make an effort.
  • And returning to my January resolutions – laugh with them, be spontaneous, have some fun. Is it a bit OCD that I need to make a list item about having fun? Hmmm.
  • Finally, I read somewhere the other day that children also need their mum to relaxed and happy and taken care of, so I will take some time to myself too. Purely for their sakes, of course. No, really.

There you go, that’s March sorted. Peace and harmony in the Brown household. Or something like that…