Photo album: January 2017

5th January: Dad in hospital catching up on priorities – sport!

6th: Today’s prompt is from the #bookloversjanuary project! I am flitting this year. Today: fave title page. This book is just a work of art, the photo doesn’t do it justice.

7th: Saw this weird halo around the moon tonight (#nofilter)

8th: Newcastle, yesterday evening. I LOVE this church although I’ve never been in. I will one day!

9th: Pretending today is the 6th jan (yes I know, but due to life-type-stuff I didn’t get decorations down last week. So today IS the 6th,isn’t it? ISN’T IT?!) Taking decorations down and feeling a bit blue x

11th: Getting stuck into Guitar Hero!

12th: Footprints in first dusting of snow.

Friday 13th: walking home. We had a good fall of snow this morning but it was all gone by home time.

14th: Emily was asked to sort out her toys. Her solution was to just start wearing everything.

19th: After a visit to the Dental Hospital at the RVI… And they didn’t even do anything on this visit. It’s a hard life.

20th: All Saints’ Church, Lanchester. No post-processing.

Lanchester wasn’t my childhood village, but I did go to both primary school and secondary school here so it’s full of memories and places with strong associations. This church makes me think of the best friend I had all through secondary school. She was a bellringer here (which leads on to memories of GCSE English presentations, in the rabbit-hole manner of memory paths) and her mum was married here when we were in Sixth Form.

25th: In-laws around for Sunday dinner; the Yorkshire puddings are threatening to come out of the oven to meet us! I’ve totally cracked these now, after years of trying.

26th: TENS machine, my new best friend. I got this from my community pain management clinic and it’s been a huge help. Possibly deserving its own blog post…

27th: my Mother-in-Law’s birthday. Happy birthday Karen!

28th At Durham University library for a day of study. My first masters assignment is almost due!!

My actual institution is Nottingham but that’s a slight problem, being 200-odd miles away. In comes SCONUL – I discovered this programme which lets you access partner insitution libraries (which includes most UK universities) on my undergraduate degree, but the OU undergraduate materials are fairly self-contained and I didn’t use it much. At Master’s level, you really need a huge resource, easily accessible and well-stocked. I’m lucky to live around 10 minutes’ drive from Durham, which being such a prestigious university has a brilliant library. The only real downside is the fact that you can’t bring a coffee to your desk (understandable, but, y’know. Meh.) and the parking which is pretty non-existent as far as I can see unless you’re a member of staff. Anyway, SCONUL is an absolute must, especially for distance-learners.

30th: morning walk. Between Sacriston and Nettlesworth.

Another from the walk. Appropriately blue.

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