#project366 Week 26

And here we are, halfway through the year. I’m disappointed not to have a picture everyday, but honestly considering the year it’s been I’m also paradoxically quite proud that I have any at all. My world is so small at the minute in lots of ways that it’s become a challenge to find something to photograph and I think that in itself has encouraged my creativity a little. I have no doubt that I will continue to be slightly erratic and inconsistent the rest of the year but I’m also pretty sure that I’ll have something, most days.

Midsummer sunset in Co Durham, nearly 11pm. #nofilter

Well, I don’t know what the rest of the country is complaining about. Our midsummer /1st day of summer — whatever — has been glorious.

At the pub for tea, following two fantastic parents’ evenings!

EU Referendum, Daniel putting my vote in the ballot box. We’ve always tried to get the kids involved in what we do and Daniel had been interested and engaged and opinionated on this for weeks. #euref #in

The morning after Brexit #euref
Absolutely gutted by the result.

Sunshine and a bowl of fruit, my camera and a good book. Brexit? What Brexit?

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