#project366 Week 13

One quarter of the way through the year, and well into spring!

I’m amazed that I’ve done as well on the #project366 as I have. It’s been a fairly difficult start to the year, and there have definitely been times when I didn’t feel like taking a photo but tried to anyway; times when I just didn’t get one taken but on other days I had a few; and times when I genuinely couldn’t post, hence the odd irregular week. This is one of those weeks, so we’re kicking off with a picture of emily that wasn’t strictly in the #project366 but I thought it was cute and I was probably a picture short somewhere along the line anyway…

“Not by the hair on my chinny-chin-chin” – Year 1 Spring performance
Back street; proper old miners’ cottages. I really loved the blue gates and coal shed doors on these, and the quaint tidiness. Note the intrusion of the 21st century,with the sky dish on one house!
Spooky old house in the middle of the village. Feels like it has a story.
Daniel’s made the Chocolate Factory

Skechers – I’ve come over to the dark side, and they’re like walking on air…

Easter Saturday weather

Easter Sunday

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