God is…

God is… what?

God is personal to me. He is not the same for me as he is for you, or my husband, or my parents, or my children, or my neighbours.

God is a teacher. Not in the whole “this stuff is really painful so it must be teaching me something” way. But like the best teachers, He wants to stretch me, test me, make me want to push a bit further. Just when we think we have understood something, there’s that voice whispering in our ear, saying ‘But what if we did this? What would happen if…?’

God is an architect. God is a builder. He designed and built planets, stars, solar systems. He created an infrastructure that supports millions of species.

God is a scientist. He invented life.

God is a woman. She is always right.

God is a man. He invented hormones.

God is a magician. He turns tadpoles into frogs, caterpillars into butterflies, dinosaurs into fossils and apes into humans.

God is an artist. Look around.

God is an adult. He gave us wisdom, experience and the ability and freedom to make choices.

God is a child. He gave us imagination.

God is a parent who wants to protect us, a friend who wants to walk with us.

God is a judge who created justice then used the only loophole in His system to save us.

God is a philosopher. He gave us brains and wants us to ask questions.

God is a rebel. He doesn’t want us to just do as we’re told but to do what’s right.To not just believe what we’re told but to seek truth.

God is love. What, did you not listen to anything I just said?


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