Wheee! There goes today…

At the weekend my children passed two small but significant milestones.

Emily, not quite three months, is now too big for her pram. It’s a Silver Cross that converts from a pram into a pushchair, so I’ve had to convert it. She loves it, she can still lie flat when she needs to but now she can also sit up and watch the world. And she has the heart of a writer, she is taking everything in and processing it before my eyes.

That’s not really significant for anyone other than us, I guess. But it means it’s the last time I will push my babies in a pram, and another reminder that my babies are growing up way too quickly. I wasn’t quite ready to relinquish the pram yet.

Daniel, on the other hand, achieved a big milestone in anyone’s book, and I was very proud of him. He learned to pedal a bike! He didn’t go too fast, and he couldn’t keep one foot on the pedal while the other pushed, but he pedalled. He had forward (and backward) momentum. Good boy!

I do love that my children are growing up. Every stage is magical, and they constantly amaze me (well, while they’re not driving me round the bend). But the forward momentum that they have in themselves is also quite scary, and sometimes, just sometimes, I wish they also had that backward momentum, that I could pause and rewind like Sky+. But no, there goes today. Whoops! I blinked, and nearly missed it.

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