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Don’t get excited, this isn’t about my picture book being accepted by an agent, sold to a major publishing house and winning a prestigious award since my last post. If it was, I would be too busy running around the room screaming to write a blog post about it.

No, this is a response to a post on the wonderful Jane Travers’ blog, here, in which I was tagged to come up with my own list of lies, sorry, ‘untruths’.

So the idea is, I give a list of 6 untruths about myself and one half-truth, and you have to guess which is the half-truth. The prize is, um, well I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

  1. I speak fluent Portugese. I don’t have any qualifications in it, but have taught myself through those, well, ‘Teach Yourself…’ books. Very interesting it was too.
  2. I did the Coast to Coast bike ride for charity five years ago. Ouch.
  3. I met my husband in 1913 and stalked him until he agreed to make an honest woman of me.
  4. I can explain the off-side rule in 140 characters or less. I shall prove it at some point in the near future.
  5. I bake most of the cakes we eat as a family as I much prefer home-cooked food. I also try to do my own bread at least a couple of times a month since we were given a bread maker for Christmas two years ago.
  6. I am one of the few women I know who can actually parallel park. This is because my husband made me practice over, and over, and over for my driving test.
  7. I had a dream about the National Lottery numbers and we won a prize the same week.

My husband is automatically disqualified from entering, of course. Anyone else, please join in and have a go!

7 thoughts on “Creative Writing Awards”

  1. I suspect no3 is the half truth. You probably stalked your hubby but you weren’t born in 1913. If you were please, please, please tell me your beauty secrets!!! 🙂

  2. Interesting… And I could tell you my beauty secrets, but then I’d have to kill you. 😉

  3. Brown, get off this blog, you are not allowed to comment! You know the answers (and if you don’t we really need a little chat)

  4. I think its the lottery one, just an instint,
    loved all the others especially the offside rule one,
    Thanks for your comments on my piece the other day,
    Also had a thought that Emmeline would be lovely name for your girl, in honour of those wonderful ladies !! And its a pretty name.

  5. I opt for number 4, the offside rule. Except that NOBODY can explain it in less than 140 characters.

    And I’ve won.
    That’ll be the second prize I’ve won round here.
    Come oooon Mr Hooty, only a few more days.

  6. Ok, here are the answers you’ve all been holding your breath for…

    1. Blatant lie. I speak French & Spanish, at least I did when I did my A-levels 10 years ago, but not a word of Portugese except piranha.
    2. Ha ha ha ha! Any thought of me going as far as the end of my street on a bike would give me a coronary. Hats off to the mad, sorry, fit people who do do the Coast to Coast though.
    3. I’ll come back to this one…
    4. I don’t think I can do this one. Although I do now feel challenged to try…
    5. Again, laughable. I am an expert at buying bread and cake from Tesco though.
    6. Parallel park? Don’t you just kind of drive around until there’s a big empty space then aim vaguely at the kerb? No? Ah well…
    7. No. We did once have 5 numbers come up on the Lottery. The week my mother-in-law forgot to put them on. But no dreams involved.

    So, back to number 3: This is actually slightly more than a half truth. I did stalk my husband, although it took him 7 years to make an honest woman of me. When I say stalk, I mean…oh never mind. But the real doozy here is that we met at the museum we both worked at, Beamish in the North of England. Anyone who doesn’t know it, here’s a link, but basically it’s rebuilt period streets, shops etc with a working tramway to take you around, set in 1913, and the staff are dressed in costume. If I ever feel really want to embarrass my husband I will scan in and post the photo I have of him in his tram conductor uniform. Although you will instantly see why I married him! So yes, I did meet him in 1913. 🙂

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