What needs cleaning in our house?

So, I want some inspiration for today’s blog, as I am newly determined to be disciplined and write something everyday. If it turns out that I am merely churning out reams of rubbish and not getting any ‘real’ writing done, I’ll rethink this plan, but it’s a start.

I recently discovered http://www.creativity-portal.com which has lots of inspirational prompts and ideas on there. Well worth a look by the way, I especially like the photo a day picture prompt, although it hasn’t actually worked for me as yet! There is also a prompt generator, and today it came out with the title above – “What needs cleaning in your house?” This gave me a giggle, as it a fairly long list, so I thought I would write about it. Also, if I write about it, I might actually do the cleaning…?

Anyway, here we go. First of all, EVERYTHING needs constant cleaning. We have a toddler. Say no more. Even things that you don’t think need cleaning, do. For example, Daniel today decided that what our cream living room walls really needed was red crayon. So I spent time scrubbing a portion of the wall, and am now fairly convinced that that part is showing the rest of the wall up. I might get Daniel to continue around the living room then eventually I will be motivated to clean the rest.

We also need to spring clean every room in the house. Obviously the bathrooms need doing again, I am shockingly bad at scrubbing the sinks.What else? Well Andrew cleaned the living room windows yesterday, so in theory they shouldn’t need doing although the other rooms do. Except that clean windows have a magnetic attraction for grubby little boy hands. I am awaiting funding to do the scientific research to back this up.

The problem is, of course, that there is always something better to do. Usually this is sitting around thinking about what I could be doing. I would like to call this planning, or seeking inspiration, but sadly it’s just sitting around. I could be a better mother, wife, ‘homemaker’, or writer, if I didn’t spend so long thinking about being all those things. I’m far too busy doing nothing to waste time on cleaning. And there is the additional problem that if I do spend some time cleaning and really putting my back into it (don’t laugh Andrew, it does happen occasionally), I don’t want anyone to use whatever I’ve cleaned and mess it up again. It’s like ironing – why do people insist on wearing the clothes I’ve ironed and crumpling them all up again?

So if anyone does have any ideas on how to get really motivated and organised so that cleaning becomes a sheer joy in itself, please let me know. I’m sure my husband will be very grateful.

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