Keep Pushing!

Thought you might like a quick update on the challenges (see here if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

I am gathering info on my topics and have a pretty good idea on how I’m going to approach at least three of the subjects. I’ve also been given two more since the last update: 10 Reasons Why Glasgow is Better Than Edinburgh and Why Asian People are thinner than Western. Yikes, this should keep me busy!

The first post, about my home area, should be arriving in the next few days so keep an eye out. I have to say, this one (which I thought would be the easiest) is actually quite difficult, as I am putting quite high expectations on it. The subjects I’ve started to look into, ukeleles and football, are surprisingly fascinating! Though whether I’ll still be saying that after the World Cup is anyone’s guess. What I could really do with is a video of someone playing football songs on the Ukelele – Three Lions anyone? Kill two birds with one stone. 😉

If anyone’s got any more challenges, keep them coming. Unless they’re time-specific I’ll put them onto the end of the list and work my way through. I suggest subscribing to the blog to stay notified of new posts so you don’t miss your suggested / favourite topic (shameless plug over now). Or you can follow me on twitter: @rebeccaebrown.

Thanks for reading!

Push Me!

This post is coming directly after the last one for a reason. My own rule is never to put two blog posts up at the same time from the same blog as I like to focus on one at a time, plus I rarely have two posts ready at the same time! But I am breaking it this time because this post is linked to the one I’ve just done, Finding Me Now.

At the end of that post I said I needed to stretch myself more, I was in need of a challenge. So I’m asking for your help.

Over the course of the next month or so I will write a series of blog posts, based on topics you set me. They can be on pretty much anything, I will go and research where needed. The only thing I ask is that you remember I have two small children, so please don’t make it too obscure, requiring trips to the British Museum for example!

There’s a few reasons for this challenge. Firstly, it will get me doing research and finding out new facts, possibly on subjects I’ve never explored before. Secondly, it will stretch my writing skills, as I will have to suit my style to the subject given and make the posts interesting and fun instead of a school essay. Thirdly, it will give you a reason to keep coming back to my blog and I’m hoping will give me new connections here! I’m also very willing to reciprocate – leave a link to a similar post on your own blog and I’ll leave my challenge for you (heh heh).

So, have a look through my blog to see the sorts of things I’ve mentioned before. A couple of posts to look at might be Ten Things You Don’t Know About Me or Creative Writing Awards. Or give me something completely new (gulp). Post a comment, catch me on Twitter (@rebeccaebrown) or use the contact form on the blog. I’m nervously awaiting your challenges!

UPDATE: I’ve received 5 challenges, so here are the results in no particular order. Sorry, been watching too many tv talent shows lately. Anyway…

The challenges I’ve been set are: Ukeleles, Theatre in Second Life, The Passion of Football, My Home Area, and Twilight vs Harry Potter. Gulp. That’s quite a range of subjects and almost all brand new to me so lots of research to do and lots of exciting new stuff to find out, I’m really looking forward to it. At the minute, here’s the order I’m going to tackle each in, and I’ll post a link on Twitter so you can see when your favourite topic is up. (Or you can subscribe to the blog…hint hint!).

  1. My Home Area. I’m starting with a less obscure post to get me going! However there’s a lot of interesting history in this area so there’s lots of ways I could go with this, it’ll be hard to focus on one!
  2. Ukeleles. I have an interest in music in general although ukeleles are not something I’ve come across much.
  3. The Passion of Football. Doing this after the other two should just about get me to the end of the World Cup so the timing works well.
  4. Theatre in Second Life. This will require quite a lot of research I’m thinking, so will take a wee bit longer.
  5. Twilight v Harry Potter. This will take the longest to do properly, as (big admission here) I’ve never actually read any of the Twilight books.

I’m setting myself a target of the end of July to get all 5 posts up and will blog about my progress in the meantime so keep checking back. If anyone else wants to suggest new topics please feel free! I’m thinking I will make it a regular challenge for myself, so keep them coming and tell people about it.

Thanks for all your support and input so far!

UPDATE 2: Today (13 June 2010) I posted the first response to the challenge, which you can visit here, about my home area. Go me!