It’s amazing that a fortnight ago (ish) I was posting everyday and since then I think I’ve done 3 posts. There are two things that really jumped out at me when I look back at the A To Z Blogging Challenge that I did in April.
1) that although no one blog post got massive views, the challenge did a great job of increasing my overall viewing figures. In other words, more people were reading more of what I wrote than ever before. And although my primary reason for doing the challenge was more as a personal motivation thing than to find new blogs, I did find some, met lovely new people and gained new readers who I’ve enjoyed chatting to.
2) when I had a brief and a deadline I met them. Never been put to the test together before and it feels good to know I could do it. I suppose I kind of had a brief & a deadline before in NaNoWriMo but a vague 1600 words a day of whatever standard obviously didn’t suit me, whereas around 1000 words based on a given requirement (IE something interesting based on whatever letter) did. It meant I had a focus and a purpose in blogging.
Strangely, the idea behind this blog has now become its weakness, I think. It’s called My Little Notepad as it’s a personal journally-type-thing where I write what I feel like. After a relatively intense month, it now feels a little aimless, but I still don’t want to become a “parenting blog” or a “writing blog”. I just don’t have enough confidence or authority to blog consistently on those things exclusively.
So. I’ve decided to try focusing a little more while still keeping the freedom and general randomness of My Little Notepad. I’m aiming for three posts a week, sometimes more, sometimes less, based on the following:
1) Pram-bling – my thoughts on children, raising them, celebrating them, being tormented by them, parenting, etc. You get the gist.
2) Wr-ambling – about writing. Maybe an aspect of the writing biz, or the process or my own journey.
3) Rambling – er, stuff. Like a rant about some silly government policy or a faith issue or… Y’know. Whatever. I guess book reviews would probably fit here too.
And occasionally 4) Shamble-ing. The odd short story. To break things up a bit.
There you go. Let’s see how this goes, eh?
And thanks for bearing with me so far…