Z is for… Zoom

Day 30!

I’m so shocked at how fast April has gone. It really doesn’t seem two minutes since I saw the A to Z Blogging Challenge on Talli Roland’s blog and thought it sounded fun… What was I thinking?!
Well, ok, it was fun. I’ll do a more thoughtful post in a couple of days when I’ve recovered, but initial thoughts are mainly that I’m really really pleased that I finished it. It’s been hard at times to come up with posts, but it’s also been great to know that I’ve got a good few words down nearly every day and not all of them total waffle!
I’ve launched my ebook, my husband’s business, celebrated my daughter’s first birthday, had a few rants and done a couple of stories I was pleased with. So all in all a successful, if speedy, month!

Now zooming onto the next challenge – over at Sally Quilford’s blog we’re launching into May You Write Your Novel. Think NaNoWriMo at a sensible pace – 80k in 80 days. This is around 1000 words a day (obv!) which I want to aim for anyway, especially as I really want to get this first novel finished and start on the next one which is driving me crackers!
So don’t worry, I’ll not be posting everyday now but I’m hopefully using MYWYN (My Win, how cheerful!) to cheer myself & other loons on to get some great word miles under our belts.
Thanks for putting up with me this last month!