#project366 Week, er,…52b?  

26th: Gift. Best. Gift. Ever. SHIELD Academy sci-tech shirt. I actually squealed when I opened this one!

28th: It’s cold outside! Still no snow here but a decent frost and a cold and clear morning. And currently (8.30pm) -2° according to phone *brrr*

29th: Warmth. Not so much warmth, actually, as fever: one poorly little girl with a proper high temperature.

30th: Resolution. Get my act together this year, using a Best Self journal and planner and setting some goals. Including more photo challenges, apologies in advance!

31st: Celebration. Emily is representing all of us as she celebrates new year’s eve with a party popper at The King’s Head. Goodbye and good riddance to 2016; hello 2017, you’re looking goood. Happy new year everyone xxxx

And with that, it’s the end of #project366. It’s been erratic, sometimes frustrating and often a struggle to get anything half decent, but it’s also been inspiring and it’s forced me to sometimes look for a photo opportunity in unexpected places. It’s also been a great record of the year to look back on!

I’ll be doing another challenge next year so watch out for #project365 2017 posts!

#project366 Week 52

Well, I think the week numbering has got out of whack somewhere along the road, but that’s not too bad considering the haphazard challenge!! Anyway, on the home straight now… 

21st: comfy. How soft and inviting does daniel’s lovely bed look here?! Perfect for snuggles

22nd: Shopping. Did shopping for christmas lunch today so here is photographic proof. With a filter on to look “arty”. I think this is an exhibition piece of photography…

23rd: something red. Breakfast with Santa at the King’s Head, Lanchester. Best. Santa. Ever.

24th: Family. My gorgeous family at our christmas eve-eve night away. Love you all so much xxxx

25th: Gratitude. Huge amounts of gratitude for my family, for the lovely time we had together today and for these two gorgeous kids. Happy christmas everyone xxx

#project366 Week 51

12th: Cookies. Well, that’s not happening with diabetes and dental issues in the house, so here’s a picture of my cookie-cute little girl, all ready for her christmas party this morning

13th: Someone I love. Here’s my gorgeous boy ready for his party and carol service

14th: Relaxation. After a god-awful few weeks culminating in a really horrible evening, relaxing with much-needed mojito (my favourite drink, if anyone’s buying).

16th: Decorations. On the last day of term, 2 decorated children and a decorated tree

18th: goal of the day. Making a start on present wrapping!

#project366 Week 50  

5th: home made. One of our first home made christmas decorations, made by Daniel at the church toddler group when he was a tot and Emily wasn’t even a spark in our eyes

7th: best time of day. In winter, the evening when you’re tucked up (in this case, in the King’s Head in lanchester, celebrating another fantastic report at parent’s evening) and the lights are just something special.

8th: best part of winter, excuses for beautiful candles!

9th: snack. It’s nearly christmas, of course it’s got to be tiny clementines!

10th: breakfast. 1. These are oat and banana pancakes from Madeline Shaw’s Ready Steady Glow and they are YUMMY. 2. Lesson learned: check the day’s prompt earlier in the day, this is actually the only scrap left (they’re really filling or it would have been none left!) so had to scrape together all my composition skills to make it look half decent!

#project366 Week 49

Lights on the pit village christmas tree #beamishmuseum #beamishafterdark

Back on track, with a #decemberphotoaday project called #sparktheseason. 1st: Lights

2nd: tradition. Had the Mice on Ice and advent tree since I was in school and now my kids love them!

3rd: Morning. Durham, on a cold and wintry morning with blinding low sun

4th: winter beauty. Winter stars.