About My Little Notepad

When I started writing MyLittleNotepad, I had little idea what exactly I was going to focus on.

I had read writers’ blogs, Christian blogs, parenting blogs, and there were bits from all of these I was inspired by.

Over the time I have been writing on the blog (to date, a little over 8 months), I have thought about developing a theme. I have read plenty of advice on blogging to give readers consistency so that they know what they are getting and what to expect. I also know that a blog is a valuable marketing tool for a writer.

But as it turns out, MyLittleNotepad is just what it says on the tin – a journal for my thoughts and what’s important to me at any given time. The posts may be more coherent than ramblings in a notepad (I hope), but that’s about the only difference.  I’m not writing to get over any particular message – I have no tips on procrastination, how to write a bestseller, how to raise the perfect family or how to fast-track to Heaven. I am writing because I enjoy it.

So there are posts on here that deal with my writing progress (or lack), my faith, my family life. There are humorous posts and more serious ones.

I hope you enjoy reading the blog, and get to know me through the apparently random posts. Feel free (in fact, feel obliged!) to leave a comment and get in touch. Or visit my other blog, The Daniel Pages, where I explore life through my toddler’s eyes.

Nice to meet you, thanks for dropping by!


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