Photo album December 2018

And here comes Christmas! Hot chocolate and happy sighs 😀

It’s so much fun, when Christmas comes to town…

A cold and frosty morning at school yesterday!

I haz treated myself to my ‘official’ dissertation notebook

Emily fell asleep reading Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls last night 🙂

It just wouldn’t be xbox without a Santa hat.(good luck figuring THAT one out, archivists of the future!)

Wowsers! 😀 look at my gorgeous boy, I can’t believe how big he’s got.

My beautiful girl’s school Christmas party today. End of a cracking term for her!

Daniel got his first secondary school progress report today – and proud recipient of a Recognition Award!

Really lovely Christmas carol concert for Daniel’s school today in Durham Cathedral. And kudos to the soloist – something very special about hearing a child sing Once in Royal David’s City acapella while the entire cathedral—full of 1100 children and their families—is totally silent.

Just seen Mary Poppins Returns which was, of course, practically perfect in every way! 😉 Hope everybody has a very merry Christmas & wonderful things in 2019. Lots of love from The Browns!

The Christmas Eves of Christmas Past and Present!

Good morning world. Not such a happy Christmas as usual for us; poor old Emily has been up since 2am with sickness bug. Lots of snuggles for us today! Hope everyone else has a lovely day.

Patients 1&2 are sound asleep and already the anti-emetic from urgent care seems to be helping Emily. With any luck, a good night’s sleep will do them good, we won’t join them, and we can have Christmas Take 2 tomorrow.

Our creative family time. Emily is very proud of her 3d jigsaw, Daniel made a train, Andrew rocked Daniel’s guitar (in his own way) and I’m rather proud of my attempt at a 3d pen Sorting Hat 🙂

I don’t know about the rest of the uk but Co Durham is seeing out 2018 in style with this lovely sunset. Happy new year to everyone!

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