#project366 Week, er,…52b?  

26th: Gift. Best. Gift. Ever. SHIELD Academy sci-tech shirt. I actually squealed when I opened this one!

28th: It’s cold outside! Still no snow here but a decent frost and a cold and clear morning. And currently (8.30pm) -2° according to phone *brrr*

29th: Warmth. Not so much warmth, actually, as fever: one poorly little girl with a proper high temperature.

30th: Resolution. Get my act together this year, using a Best Self journal and planner and setting some goals. Including more photo challenges, apologies in advance!

31st: Celebration. Emily is representing all of us as she celebrates new year’s eve with a party popper at The King’s Head. Goodbye and good riddance to 2016; hello 2017, you’re looking goood. Happy new year everyone xxxx

And with that, it’s the end of #project366. It’s been erratic, sometimes frustrating and often a struggle to get anything half decent, but it’s also been inspiring and it’s forced me to sometimes look for a photo opportunity in unexpected places. It’s also been a great record of the year to look back on!

I’ll be doing another challenge next year so watch out for #project365 2017 posts!

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