#project366 Week 4

Best friends

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1PhFRC3

Not a big drinker, but I do like a drop of a nice liqueur. Tonight, Chambord 🙂

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1UeMGm1

‘Welcome to Sacriston’ didn’t even know this was here but when I saw it it was begging to be photographed!

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1SB2P7m

In Newcastle.

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1OPjZse

Life in lights, Newcastle

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1Sd2zKw

Brought to you by bright pink soup from deliciously ella everyday. a little disappointing for fellow lunchers, a bit too rich and sweet, but I enjoyed it and it’s given me some ideas on how to develop it 🙂

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/1UmLBIN

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