Last year was a bit of a rough ‘un. For a multitude of reasons; I’m not going to go through them now otherwise I’ll have to retreat to the sofa in pyjamas and eat Ben and Jerry’s out of the tub (ooh, actually…)

This year I was determined to leave all that behind. So to keep that resolution going, here’s a quick list of ten blessings: things I’m actually really happy about in my life right now.

  • My kids – they’re happy, healthy, developing bang on target and make me laugh and melt as much as they drive me up the wall. There’s no middle ground – they move me, daily, one way or another. Frankly, it’s exhausting 😉
  • My husband – he’s soft as muck, funny (though don’t tell him I said that), talented (his design business is going fantastically well after only a year) and he would do pretty much anything to look after us all. He’s not perfect but he does a pretty good impression of it.
  • My home – I’m quite keen on the idea of moving house when we’re able to afford it but until then we’re warm and secure and in a nice home.
  • Daniel’s school – we had the extremely privileged dilemma when Daniel started school of having two brilliant schools to choose between. Isn’t that a nice decision to have to make? And the one we chose I just love. The teachers are supportive and have brought Daniel on leaps and bounds and he’s a bright, confident little boy. They really invest in the children, and I don’t just mean financially.
  • Music – I just LOVE music. I recently made a playlist on my phone which gets me in a good mood and it works every single time. 
Half way there…
  • My phone – I won an iPhone 4 in a twitter competition not long after they came out and it’s been fabulous. I sometimes toy with the idea of going back to a ‘normal’ phone and I would really miss it. And despite being nearly two years old and used heavily every day it’s as good as a brand new one bar a slightly sticky button. How many gadgets can say that, eh?
  • Twitter – I’m not on very much at the minute but I pop in and there’s always a friend to say hello. A couple of my very best friends are people I met on twitter. Nettie, you know I’m looking at you.
  • Books – we’re about to have a cull of our books and looking through the shelves I realise how many books I have that I love, but also how many brilliant books are still out there, waiting for me! Recent books that I’ve loved are The Cleaning Bible (by Kim & Aggie, y’know, off the telly), A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness and The Art of War for Writers by James Scott Bell.

Two left. Hmm, this is getting tricky now…

  • Another soppy one – my parents and in-laws. They’re just amazing and supportive and mad as hatters.
  • My health – this is a tricky one as I’ve been feeling pretty low lately, and I’m overweight and unfit. But I have no major diseases, the conditions I have are managed easily with tablets and I’m not housebound or dependant. Way more important to remember those things than the negative things.

Phew! Made it to ten. Actually, it was easier than I thought.

I’m going  to finish with this infographic I found on Pinterest:

Worth remembering! (from

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest

7 thoughts on “Blessings”

  1. Damn I’m jealous. I try to win stuff in those twitter party things all the time, but I always end up with squat! And you got an iPhone! So lucky 🙂

  2. What a great attitude and that poster really puts things into perspective – thanks for sharing and good luck with the challenge.


  3. This is a terrific B post. So very uplifting. I will have to check out The Cleaning Bible. I am sure it is as delightful as the show.


    Checking in from A to Z (#1712)

  4. This is a heart-warming post and it also really does make you think. So many people complain about things that really they should not be complaining about. That picture at the end says it all really.

    Thanks for sharing. x

  5. Thank you for your thankfulness. I don’t do this often enough and this is a lovely, sweet reminder. Have a wonderful A-Z time!

  6. Nice list o’ blessings there… seems like you have your head on straight in any case.

    As far as books, being a big reader myself, I never thought I’d go digital, being convinced I needed to feel a big hefty book in my grubby hands as I read… but after getting my iPad and downloading some books – and especially downloading free chapter samples from tons o’ books to try out before dropping dough, I don’t know how I could ever go back to a shelf-full of books. I’m all digital now – I take a big library with me everywhere I go now. Not sure if that would work on the smaller iPhone screen, but it’s great on the iPad.

    Anyway, just floating by while clicking random links on the A-to-Z Link Page.

    Dave the Goof

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