10 Random Facts

I have been tagged by lovely Rebecca Emin over at her blog to list 10 random facts about myself. Now I know I did this a while ago but that was February 2010 and there’s a whole lot of life happened since then. Plus I have at least one new blog reader. And I need to distract myself from the fact that Daniel started school today and I’m feeling unexpectedly bereft. So here goes… another 10 random* facts about me.

*Disclaimer: Random does not necessarily equate to interesting. Just saying. 

  1. One day I will live at the end of the world. Finistère, Brittany, to be exact. This department has something special, something that just makes me feel like I’ve come home. I’ve only had two holidays there but the very first day I was there I knew it. So one day I plan to be a multi-million bestselling author, writing from my house overlooking the Atlantic, tucking into some heavenly kouign amann. Actually, I’d even do without the multi-million bestselling bit.
  2. My favourite historical personage is Mary Queen of Scots. A much-misunderstood monarch if you ask me, and a fascinating life story. Not to mention the ripple effect she had on English history in the centuries following her death. One birthday my husband surprised me with a trip into Scotland to visit some places associated with her: Stirling and Lochleven being most prominent in my memory. Rowing across the loch to the island where she was first imprisoned and standing in the ruins of her tower is a lasting and fond memory.
  3. I am a Quaker seeker. I don’t search out Quakers, like some kind of deranged vampire hunter gone very, very wrong. I’m looking into Quakerism as a way of life and spiritual practice and I’m loving it. And I love that Quakers (despite being a relatively small group) have had such an impact on so many areas of life, often without most people being aware of it. Cadburys? Clarks? Barclays? One day – Brown. Maybe.
  4. I have an untutored talent for massage. Nothing kinky, I just have a bit of a knack for head, shoulders and hand massage. I’m thinking of looking into reflexology. You know, with all this free time I now have on my hands.
  5. I use twitter so much, I’m starting to text and even think in hashtags. That’s not so much a random fact as a CRY FOR HELP, PEOPLE.
  6. As I get older (hey, I’m approaching 31. Positively ancient), I’m discovering a hunger for learning. It’s like there’s so much stuff that’s fascinating and important and I want to know it all. If I had the money I’d be a serious Open University addict. I discovered their free courses (extracts of the ‘proper’ courses) the other day and I’m having a hard time picking one to do.
  7. As my son gets older, I’m discovering an enthusiasm (let’s not call this one a hunger) for teaching. Teaching him, anyway. I love discovering facts with him, answering his questions, seeing some things stick and other things get processed. And everything comes out the other side with Daniel-logic imprinted on it, and it takes on a whole new perspective. It’s magical. We even started making up stories together.
  8. I don’t like my speaking voice. I know, most people don’t like their speaking voices. I’m also very shy and hate speaking on the phone, especially to strangers. None of this is very unusual I know, but it just makes it a little hard to understand not only why I started doing a podcast featuring conversations with strangers, but why I love doing it so much.
  9. I met my husband in 1913. No, really. We both worked at Beamish Museum  – he was a tram conductor (I still have very happy memories of his uniform. I’ll post a picture sometime and you’ll understand) and I worked in the Town, variously as a nursery maid, co-op shopgirl, dentist, music teacher and housemaid. That was 12 years ago and some memories are as vivid as if they’d happened yesterday.
  10. Three dead people I’d have dinner with – Gandhi, Georgette Heyer and my grandma. Three living people I’d have dinner with – Julia Donaldson, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Michael Ball. Three fictional people I’d have dinner with – Seth MacGregor, The Phantom (as in the musical, rather than the book. I know, I’m a philistine), and Mr Darcy (yeah, yeah. Cliche. But COME ON).
Howzat? Anyone else want to step up to the mark? I’m off to look into rooms in my home now and reflect how quiet they are without Daniel. Maybe soon I’ll do a post about it, but right now – no.
Here are some of my favourite people that I’m nominating with this meme, but if it’s you – PLEASE don’t feel obliged to do a post!

Nettie Thomson

Rachel Carter

Tamsin Jupp

Mr Uku


…or anyone else who feels like pitching in…


7 thoughts on “10 Random Facts”

  1. Wow, Becca, you put a lot of effort into this. I love the detail. I’ve been to Beamish and I imagine it was a fun place to work – getting into character etc.

    You’re over half way through day 1 of school. It does get easier xx

  2. Aaaaarggghhhhhhhh!!!!!
    Now I haveto pretend to be interesting! And you tagged some of the people I would!

    But yours are really interesting. I knew about the Beamish bit before but I think your speaking voice is just lovely.

    I’ll see what I can do.


  3. You picked really great random facts. Did you know the OU does teacher training? 🙂 Not sure I’d recommend it now though; have you heard our Education Minister lately?

    I bet Daniel had a lovely day and hope you’re enjoying your evening.

  4. Thanks Rebecca! It was probably the best job I ever had; certainly the most fun. Winter was especially nice because it was so cosy, once someone put a teapot and a full tea service into a basket and brought it round everyone!

    I imagine today was the hardest, I just need to get used to it. Thank you for the support – and the distraction!

  5. Don’t you aaaaaarggghhhhhh me, young lady! 😉 You are one of the most interesting people I know!

  6. Oh crikey, I couldn’t go into teaching as a career! I have far too much respect for teachers lol!

    He did have a lovely day, came home with a reward sticker and a big splodge of blue paint on his new trousers so I’m taking both of those as good signs! 😉 Thanks very much.

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