ABBA Lit Fest!

One of my favourite blogs is the Awfully Big Blog Adventure. It’s run by the Scattered Author Society, a group of very talented children’s authors who take turns writing some fascinating posts. If you’re interested in children’s writing, as a writer, reader or parent (or general busybody) it’s definitely a site to bookmark.

So imagine my excitement when I got a message to say that ABBA were running a literary festival – online! For 2 days these lovely people are going to be posting articles and interviews every half hour. I’m especially looking forward to the videos, of which Lucy Coats is definitely doing one, and the competitions. Oh rats, I didn’t mean to tell you about those. I want to win. Ah well.

One of the reasons I’m SO excited about this is because I just have this feeling that children’s literature is taking off in a major way. The children’s writers community is taking to the possibilities of the internet in the most motivating and inspirational way, and this festival is a big part of that. And it IS a community, make no mistake. As I’m finding my contacts online focus naturally on children’s writers as I become more confident in my potential to join their ranks, and as I have more ‘Real Life’ contact with children’s writers, I can say I have rarely found a group of people that support each other so much and that get excited by each other’s successes. I think writers in general seem to be this way (with the odd exception of course…) and children’s writers especially so.

So I will be joining in with the ABBA Lit Fest with enthusiasm and I highly recommend you join me!

Edited to add: D’oh! Forgot to mention the dates. 9 & 10 July 2011! 😉


One thought on “ABBA Lit Fest!”

  1. Ooh! Our very first ABBAlitfest post. How exciting, and thank you very much, Becca. I shall go and post a link right away. You are so right about the kidlit community. What I love most is that when anyone has a success (a book contract, an award shortlisting, a story published), all the other writers rejoice with them–and when things are bad, they sympathise and commiserate. I could not survive as a writer without my bookie friends–and I am so glad that Twitter/Facebook and the online revolution has brought me into contact with so many more of them. Including you! As for the ABBAlitfest–it’s going to be ace. Can’t wait for it to start, in fact! (But you’ll have to forgive any technical bloopers in my so-called video!)

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