Our life as a family takes an exciting new twist today. My very talented and lovely husband, Andrew, starts his career as a self-employed designer.

It’s a been a long-held dream to run his own business, and a whole variety of factors have conspired to bring us to today. Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Brown Media!

Brown Media is the umbrella business name for a range of services that we’ll be offering, covering most design needs. There’s Pixel N Print, which is a one-stop shop for web design and graphic design – Andrew will work with you from design right the way through to getting the final printing delivered to you. Stationery, promotional materials, business cards – all with a fresh and modern design to fit what you want. Websites can be built on WordPress, Drupal, Expression Engine or even a simple one-page html site if all you need is a basic web presence.

For writers, Design for Writers offers book cover design (both print-on-demand and ebook), author websites, promotional materials such as bookmarks and postcards. He’s already worked with Catherine Ryan Howard on her book Mousetrapped and is currently working with her on her next book, as well as founder Vanessa O’Loughlin. He also designed my brilliant cover for my own ebook Some Life Somewhere. He puts up with me all the time so he’s used to working with demanding writers. Moving swiftly on…

Church Fresh builds on his work helping with church communications, and will also be a good place for charities and non-profit organisations to check out as he has several years experience working in these fields and is passionate about helping people communicate the good work they do.

Finally, Get The Butler will be able to offer very reasonably-priced web hosting if you’re interested in moving away from, for example, hosted blogs on Blogger or WordPress. Andrew will help you register a domain and set up an email account (including Google apps accounts for businesses) and all the techy stuff that goes along with that.

I may be biased, but I have to say he’s a genuinely helpful man and he wants to really do his best for anyone that he’s working for.

It’s early days and Andrew’s busy putting in the groundwork to make sure he can offer a really good service, as well as building his own website with examples of his work, but if you’re interested you can either comment below, use my contact form or email Andrew directly at Brown Media. He’ll back here soon with a guest post, a grand launch and special introductory offers so keep an eye peeled.

And wish us luck!

8 thoughts on “Lift-off!”

  1. Exciting news! I’ll be very interested to see how you get on with it!
    My OH and I moonlight as Raserleef Design (he currently works full-time but takes on freelance design projects if asked) with OH as the designer and myself as marketing consultant, copywriter and print manager. We haven’t taken the leap to full-time, but it’s in our futures, I think.
    It’s very exciting for you to be doing it full-time, and I wish Brown Media all the very best. You have a good range of skills/services/areas of expertise so I’m sure you’ll do really well. Good luck!

  2. Good luck both of you. If the cover of your book is anything to go by Becca, he’ll be a great success. xx

  3. Thanks very much! It’s definitely going to be best for all of us although it’ll be really hard work. But worth it!

  4. Good luck. It’s daunting starting off your own business but the rewards can be well worth it. I’m on my way over and visit the website now. 🙂

  5. Thanks Rosalind! It is daunting but I have a good feeling that it’s the best thing for us as a family as well as him professionally!

    His website’s not up and running yet, as he’s still getting all his systems in place, he’s just got a contact email for now but hopefully we’ll be hitting the ground running very soon 🙂

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