Girls night in

We (me and my best friend) rarely have time without our little boys. The boys are both around 2 years old, so this is not surprising. Therefore, any time we get to be girls rather than mums is precious and a major event.

Recently we had a whole four or five hours without any children, husbands, responsibilities, etc, and firmly agreed to let our hair down and enjoy some wine and grown-up conversation. Excellent.

So how come on at least 3 separate occasions that night did we end up listening to/dancing to/discussing/watching The WIGGLES?!

For once, we did not have small children shouting for Big Red Car or Race to the Rainbow, yet we still ended dancing the Bump-A-Deedle. What madness is this? Are we now brainwashed into being unable to go a couple of hours without children’s television?

Help me. Please.

Bless their cotton socks!

Have you noticed how you can say anything you want about someone, as long as you follow it up with “Bless ’em”?

Seriously, most of the time you are harmlessly discussing someone – a celebrity, a mutual friend, your children – and drop in random “bless ’em”s all over the place, thinking nothing of it. Then you get on to someone you really, really don’t like, or find annoying, or are even just not quite sure of. And immediately after feeling bad for saying “x, y or z”, you make yourself feel better by saying “bless ’em”. I’m not quite sure what the psychology is. Am I trying to kid myself into thinking I am talking affectionately or objectively about this person?

Anyway, now that I’ve noticed this, I shall watch what I am saying about people. Probably.