Photo album: June 2017

So this year I had my first summer school! I could only do one day out of the five but hopefully more next year. The following pics are from my trip to the 2017 Summer School for MA English Language via distance learning at the University of Nottingham.

Photo album: May 2017

Allensford. This may have quickly become one of our favourite family places. Nothing flash, at all, just a lovely space for running around (or watching younger, more energetic, members of the family running around!) and BREATHING.

Is this a little woodland creature (at Allensford)?

Emily has wanted to go here for so long. We took a picnic but it was so windy and chilly we just ate it in the car; there are a surprisingly large number of picnics best eaten in the car around here! But it doesn’t take away from the experience, the sense of fun and adventure.


Me and my girl. This is in the woods around the Angel of the North.

Climbing trees



Emily at the splash pad at Riverside Park. You couldn’t call it a heatwave, by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s a definite feel in the air that summer is on its way.

26th: Emily at the window

Cartwheels in Grandma’s garden

Summery little girl!

One of the great things about working from home with your own business: Bailey’s in coffee for elevenses (or ten-ses). The credit for this stroke of genius has to go to my cousin Sarah, though.

28th: Capturing everyday detail – sleepy girl. I love capturing tiny details that may evoke a gut reaction, a lost memory, when we look at them in twenty years. Assuming the internet hasn’t imploded by then of course (must get prints made!)

April’s photos

Well, I’ve officially given up on #project365. I loved doing it, but I wasn’t getting a picture every day, and it was turning into another source of stress, as well as another blow to my self-esteem (another failure). Which I really don’t need at the minute. So I am continuing to post pictures on Instagram, and they make a nice little snapshot into our family life so I’ll continue to collate them into blog posts. And it’s probably easy to tell at this point that I’m collating retrospectively…

March’s photo album

2nd: World Book Day. Belle, on her way to school!

12th: Spring!

18th: I am rebooting. Life and poorly kids and… STUFF has just been totally in the way so this is Take 2. Emily in the Centre for Life in Newcastle while Daniel is in Coding Club. #evilscientist #worlddomination

29th: My kids, looking down on this. What next for them? Brexit, Trump, Theresa May. It’s not a threatening world, not yet, but there are definitely storm clouds gathering.