#project366 Week 7

New cookbook 🙂

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Pancake Tuesday

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Morning walk

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Winter sunshine

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Brought to you by the colour red (archaic Sesame Street reference!)

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Snow day

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Little Miss Sunshine

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#project366 Week 6 – February!

Tea at mcdonalds after my retina screening at Shotley Bridge Hospital

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Nana’s beads

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Tea at Lanchester Garden Centre

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The thing with making a vegan chocolate cake is you can kick the spoon without worrying about salmonella. Just like when you were a kid.

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At star of the week assembly at school

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Drinking shloer at grandma’s house.

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With grandad

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#project366 Week 5

Bedtime story

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Happy birthday Karen xx

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Vegan shepherdess pie from the simply wonderful Aine Carlin in Keep It Vegan. Loving vegan food so far and starting to really feel the benefits, even though really just dabbling

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Rainbow after the storm

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Saturday night, and the (real, home-cooked) food is getting hot… #vegan

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Teddy, beloved by my boys for 37 years

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#project366 Week 4

Best friends

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Not a big drinker, but I do like a drop of a nice liqueur. Tonight, Chambord 🙂

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‘Welcome to Sacriston’ didn’t even know this was here but when I saw it it was begging to be photographed!

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In Newcastle.

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Life in lights, Newcastle

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Brought to you by bright pink soup from deliciously ella everyday. a little disappointing for fellow lunchers, a bit too rich and sweet, but I enjoyed it and it’s given me some ideas on how to develop it 🙂

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#project366 Week 3

Walking to school in the snow

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Empty plate after my first vegan meal out, at the handmade burger co. Even soy milk milkshake. Yummy!

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Yummy healthy breakfast: overnight oats with almond milk, raw cacao, mango & banana

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Queen Elsa’s new shoes

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The mists rolling into Brigadoon. Er, sorry, Sacriston, Co. Durham.

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