June’s photo album

4th June 2017: South Shields #nofilter

We’ve just been swimming at Haven Point (amazing local leisure centre. Totally worth the drive), had a picnic (in the car, of course), and now we’re sat looking out at the North Sea and wishing we could see this everyday. It’s just amazing how being at the sea makes you feel like you are breathing that bit deeper, and relaxing a little. And how it calls you out to adventure and makes you think you could do those wonderful things you really want to do. If only those feelings lasted once you got home.

Rally at the Sage, Gateshead on 5 June 2017 for Jeremy Corbyn ahead of #GE2017. Unbelievable atmosphere. I didn’t get a picture on the day of the Election – I am practically glued to my phone, yet I forgot to take it to the polling station with me! But this photo really captured the feeling of hope and optimism that started to build up with fantastic speed and momentum in the last few days. I wish he’d won – he was so close. But that is an actual blog post to follow…

10th: Emily just, y’know, catching up with the news. We went to Sainsbury’s as Andrew loves getting the news and analysis and digesting the election, and today is the first day with proper reactions and breakdowns of the vote. Emily and Daniel have recently discovered First News which does a good job of breaking current events down for kids and making news accessible. Although at the moment this photo was taken, Emily was actually engrossed in a story of a girl on holiday whose hair got caught in the pool filters. As her own hair is long and very pretty, she was naturally horrified.

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